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German Occupations 1914-18 and 1939-45: Stamps and Postal History

I carry a stock of many German Occupation issues relating to Russia and Eastern Europe and including postal history items. Stock also includes some Plebiscite issues and Danzig.

At present:

  • WW1 Occupations of Rumania, Poland, Baltic States
  • WW2 Occupations of Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia: Bohmen and Mahren; Slovensko
  • Plebiscites Upper Silesia
  • Danzig

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German Occupations item

German Occupations item

ESTONIA. German Occupation 1918

Dorpat (Tartu)
This Kerenski 5 kopeck postal stationery card without overprint was used from Dorpat to Salismunde (Salazgrihwa) in Latvia on 23 March 1918; it is written in German by a woman to her sister.
It has two strikes of the Dorpat straight-line cancel (Eesti Handbook 12/3:5) in violet; the R in circle is the Riga censor's mark.


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