July 2007

Trevor Pateman


Zemstvo Stamps and Postal History

These are the Zemstvo Districts for which I have stocks large enough for Wants Lists to have a fair chance of success. A red asterisk, *, means the stock is mainly or entirely ex-Faberge; a black letter C means that postal history material is also available. As you will see from this List, I have since 1999 acquired intact or remainder Faberge collections from nearly 40 Districts. I am still trying to get more: please contact me if you have a Faberge collection for sale!

Borovichy C                                             
*Bugruslan Sold out
*Cherdyn C Sold out
*Gadiach C Sold out
*Irbit C  
Kadnikof C Sold out
*Kamyshlov C  
*Kobelyaki Sold out
Korcheva Sold out
Kotelnich (C only) Sold out
*Kuznetsk Sold out
*Lahishef Sold out
*Lebedin Sold out
*Luga (Soviet issue only)  
Nolinsk C  
*Orgeev C            
*Osa C  
*Perm (Soviet issue only)  
*Podolsk C  
*Sapozhok C  
*Shadrinsk C  
Skopin Sold out
*Tetyushy Sold out
*Tiraspol Sold out
*Urzhum C  
Verkhotur Sold out
*Vessiegonsk C  
*Viatka C  
Yekaterinburg Sold out
*Zienkof C  
*Zolotonosha C  

I do have Zemstvo stamps from other Districts, generally the more common ones like Bogorodsk, but the stocks are far from comprehensive. You can always try...

I have Zemstvo Medical Fiscals for Danilov, Glazov, Kotelnich, Viatka

I have very little Proof material, but do have some errors and varieties (such as imperf between, double perf, colour shifts...). I have a handful of forgeries, most of them the 1920s-30s fake 'Proofs' made in Russia and easily recognisable because they all look alike with 'PROBA' and such like handstamped nonsense on the back. (5 each)

For more details email me.

Trevor Pateman,
Unit 10, 91 Western Road,
BN1 2NW,

Zemstvo Podolsk

Oleg Faberge's intact plating study of Schmidt 7

Oleg Faberge's intact plating study of Schmidt 7, comprising 87 individual stamps on small pieces, very fine, and mounted on 6 album pages. A remarkable piece of philatelic research.

Price for the collection: 950 euro

To purchase, email me.


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